Best headphones for Cycling and Running 2023 (Bone-Conduction)

Best headphones for Cycling and Running 2023 (Bone-Conduction)
Best headphones for Cycling and Running 2023 (Bone-Conduction) (Image: © Headphonerev)

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If you search for the best headphones for cycling and running 2023, you are at the right place in your adventurous research.

Here we collected a list of the top best bone conduction headphones for cycling and On-ear best earbuds for cycling and running 2023 specially for you.

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Our Top 3 Recommendations


Bone conduction is flexible, a perfect fit for workout

Comfort from fear of broken and any skin infection

IP67 rating for waterproof

Most Popular Relxhome X7S Relxhome X7S Bone conduction

Comfort from fear of any skin damage.

IPX8 Rating perfect for protecting 2 meters underwater depth

It is a Swimming monster

Budget Pick Oladance OLA02 Oladance OLA02 On ear

Secure and comfortable for the natural curve of your ear 

Bluetooth 5.2; stability confirmed

With a 100-volume level, you can enjoy music for 10 hours.

What features should best headphones for cycling and running require?

headphones for cycling should have the following features:

  • Comfort.
  • Flexibility
  • Hygiene
  • Secure and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Sweat resistance

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Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Cycling

Award Image Model Price
Best Headphones for outdoor cylcing MOJAWA MOJO1 Grey MOJAWA MOJO1 See on Amazon
Best headphone for cycling, running and swimming Relxhome X7S Relxhome X7S Bone conduction See on Amazon
Best for Runners Oladance OLA02 Oladance OLA02 On ear See on Amazon
Good for Runners and cyclist Eixpdaye Eixpdaye See on Amazon
Excellent for workouts UooEA Language _ tag UooEA Language _ tag See on Amazon
Advanced wireless headphone Kimwood HS1 Kimwood HS1 See on Amazon
Best bone conduction waterproof headphone WANFEI WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones See on Amazon
On-ear earbud,Good for Runners Cleer ARC Cleer ARC See on Amazon
Top quality excellent over ear earbud CioDat Q10 CioDat Q10 See on Amazon
innovative design, awosome quality earbud GANUO GEarbuds GANUO GEarbuds See on Amazon

Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Cycling:

Why choose bone conduction headphones for Running? Bone conduction design also helps your breath rate to be normal for running, as using any in-ear or on-ear headphones increases your breath rate while running. Here’s how bone conduction headphones work

  1. Audio enters the transducer.
  2. Convert sound waves into vibrations.
  3. Deliver sound straight to your inner ear via vibrations in the bones in your head.

Bone conduction helps with no sweating or irritation in your ear, so you don’t feel sore while running and cycling.

We have covered two categories:

  • Bone conduction wireless headphones
  • On ear, over ear wireless earbuds

Here is the list of best bone conduction headphones for cycling:

Best Headphones for Cycling And Running 2023

MOJAWA MOJO1 Grey (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Headphones for outdoor cylcing


  • Open ear, best to be aware of your surrounding while cycling and running
  • Wireless feature make it much easy to use while running without fear of wire damage
  • MeglevBass: it feels like a concert during running, but you are still aware of your surrounding
  • Sponge plugs are provided, which make it a special case in headphones for running and cycling
  • Special for use during work, such as running and cycling
  • Its echo noise cancelation can remove echo of up to 60db, making it a perfect headset for phone calls while involve in any certain activity
  • The main thing is its bone conduction design making a safe journey for your adventures task of running and cycling
  • A flexible band makes it perfect to be safe if fall from a height unknowingly.
  • Soft titanium material makes it perfect to wear without fear of any skin infection.


Bone conduction is flexible, a perfect fit for workout

Comfort from fear of broken and any skin infection

IP67 rating for waterproof


Echo cancelation technology

8-hour Uninterrupted use

Charges only in 1.5 hours with magnetic charging

1 weak stand-by

Voice assistant


 Buttons not touch

The MojaWawa Bone Conduction Headphones - Wireless Bluetooth Open-Ear Headphones provides excellent sound quality with the echo noise cancellation and light indicators. So, for cycling headphones wind noise cancelation is here,

Mojawa’s MOJO1 is an advanced wireless Bluetooth headphone with IP67 rating which provides the highest protection against dust, dirt, and sweat.

You can also use these earphones while jogging or running outside because they are lightweight and offers an ergonomic design to keep your ears comfortable no matter how hard you push yourself. 

It is the Best Headphones for Cycling

Relxhome X7S (Image credit: Amazon)

Relxhome X7S

Best headphone for cycling, running and swimming


  • Similar to the previous headphones, it is wireless & open ear. This makes it perfect and easy to use for running, swimming, and cycling.
  • It supports a built-in MP3 player 32GB.
  • IPX8 rating is perfect for easily protecting headphones from humid environments during morning and evening running and cycling.
  • The headphone also has Bluetooth 5.3, a high-standard Bluetooth for perfect audio delivery and connection over a long distance. It consumes a lower battery.
  • The headphone is safe because they won’t cut you out from your surrounding environment. Protecting your adventure from any misadventure.
  • The headset has 200mAh built-in battery. Over 8 hours of time with 80% battery.


Comfort from fear of any skin damage.

IPX8 Rating perfect for protecting 2 meters underwater depth

It is a Swimming monster

High-quality microphone in-built

light Weight: 3.84 ounces


Button press, not touch

Here we have written a Relxhome X7S bone conduction headphone review:

RelxhomeX7S is the perfect companion for your workouts, whether you are cycling, running, or swimming. These headphones provide a solid and comfortable experience while you work out.

You can run and swim with revolutionary bone-conduction headphones while listening to your favorite music. They have built-in 32GB memory and are IPX8 waterproof. These wireless open-ear headphones are also compatible with most smartphones, tablets, or computers. It is the best headphones for outdoor cycling.

Oladance OLA02 (Image credit: Amazon)

Oladance OLA02

Best for Runners


  • Comfort lightweight open-ear wireless small size and big safety earbuds.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 makes a perfectly stable connection without any distortion.
  • It’s 16mm dynamic drivers; stop here, let me have breath. I can’t explain what a masterpiece; make it a top-rank 360-degree sound quality and high bass open-ear headphones.
  • 16 hours of playback with a 160mAh battery, another masterpiece quality
  • In-built microphone for calls that cancels out all noise.
  • It is available in 4 colors, cloud white, interstellar blue, martian orange, and space silver.
  •  Have noise cancellation technology


Secure and comfortable for the natural curve of your ear 

Bluetooth 5.2; stability confirmed

With a 100-volume level, you can enjoy music for 10 hours.

It avoids the most common health issue of hearing loss caused by traditional earbuds inside the ear canal.

You will surely remain aware of your surrounding


IPX4 Waterproof protection which is low but is can survive sweat easily

Before starting, let me say, “An alien-quality headset.” it looks like headphones from another planet.

Oladance Open Ear earbuds are the first of their kind awarded the Red Dot Award. They provide a unique experience that has never been seen before. The headphones' dual Dynamic drivers produce astonishing audio quality and powerful bass and treble.

And thanks to the up to 16 hours of battery life, music listening won’t be an issue on your long rides or ultra-long runs. For cyclists and runners, Oladance Open Ear Headphones are the perfect companion on your next long run or ride.

Eixpdaye (Image credit: Amazon)


Good for Runners and cyclist


  • On-ear, wireless, adult-based, flexible  design
  • It is also made up of memory titanium alloy.
  • 360° bendable without deformation.
  • User-friendly, sports-friendly design
  • IPX6 feature for protection from water, sweat, and harsh environment
  • 168 hours of standby time
  • Bluetooth 5.3 uninterrupted and stable connectivity
  •  Adopted to  CVC5.2+ DSP audio dual noise reduction technology


Dual noise reduction makes it the best headphones for wind noise cancellation.

Compatible with Android, iOS, and windows

8hrs of playtime

Shoke protective


IPX6 is good but relatively less if price concerns

Eixpdaye is a bone-conduction headphone that is designed to be lightweight and offers a secure, comfortable fit. It has Bluetooth connectivity for your iPhone so that you can enjoy up to 8 hours of music streaming wirelessly, and it doesn’t require you to take it off.

It has a lightweight design and water-resistant features, making it the best headset for cyclists; this is one piece of equipment you will want to buy as soon as possible!

UooEA Language _ tag (Image credit: Amazon)

UooEA Language _ tag

Excellent for workouts


  • Bone condition, streamline sinking design, flexible and Soft fit over bone protecting skin
  • IP68 Ultrawater proof protection which also protects it from sweat. So use in adventures running in the rain.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 gives good and over all better sound and audio delivery.
  • The headset has also 16GB in-built MP3 Player, save your playlist and enjoy your music
  • Touch easy Volume Control


Used on both Android and iOS Bluetooth devices.

Perfectly designed for protection from the rain.

Fully flexible and foldable titanium body. Mold it, drop it, don't fear.

29g Ultralight ergonomic design for all-day comfort.


Buttons not touch

UooEA is a new and unique headset that harnesses the power of bone conduction technology to deliver your favorite music, voices, and even phone calls in-ear. UOOEA Bluetooth headphones are perfect for any sport, especially cycling, running, and swimming.

The interesting design lets you quickly put them on when you take a break from the bike or start running or swimming again. The headphones are lightweight and completely waterproof, so they can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

Kimwood HS1 (Image credit: Amazon)

Kimwood HS1

Advanced wireless headphone


  • Open, wireless, soft bone conduction headset.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support.
  • 8 hr play time
  • Fast type-C charging; 10 mint charge last for 1.5 hrs
  • Pain-free wearing for a long time
  • IP55 waterproof rating
  • 2 sponge plugs
  • 29g weight don’t feel pain over the ear



Protect skin around ear

Sweat protection


Button control

Kimwood HS1 is the most advanced wireless headphones on the market: they were created with athletes in mind. These bone-conduction headphones provide a comfortable, noise-canceling experience. They are lightweight and sweatproof, so you can use them during any sport or activity without any hassle! 

Sound is delivered through the forehead bone and not the ear canal, which results in a more natural sound.

The headphones are designed with sweat-proof features to ensure that they stay clean and odorless. These wireless headphones are perfect for those who love to work out outdoors but hate having an uncomfortable and heavy headset.

This headphone beats aftershokz.

WANFEI (Image credit: Amazon)


Best bone conduction waterproof headphone


  • Comfortable and lightweight 26 gram, easy to fit on-ear.
  • Open-ear design; ensures your safety
  • USB charging and include 165mAh batter
  • 7 Hours Playtime
  • IP55 Waterproof rating
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Natural sound leakage reduction feature


Compatible with smartphones or tablets with iOS, Android, and Mac

IP55, Fully sweatproof earbuds

Sound leakage reduction makes it a perfect headphone for enjoying music while cycling and running.

Bluetooth 5.0 is a perfect match for the price.


7 hours of playtime, which is low but justifies the price

WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones are Bluetooth compatible, enabling users to stream seamlessly to their devices with no wires. These can be a good choice for runners and cyclists on the go who want a lightweight and comfortable pair of headphones to use during workouts.

One of the biggest problems with taking your headphones while running is that they will slip out of your ear, even if you have tried various helmets and methodologies to keep them in place. WANFEI has solved this problem with special features like the rotating earbud for a better fit and an external button for easy access to power or music.

Cleer ARC (Image credit: Amazon)

Cleer ARC

On-ear earbud,Good for Runners


  • It can comfortably and flexibly fit by twisting on your ear.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 gives good music transition between earbuds and iOS, Android, and computer.
  • Provides 7 hours of battery life.
  • You will also get a soft carrying case made of good material.
  • It provides powerful dynamic audio and high-quality bass from ARC’s 16.2mm neo-dynamic drivers.
  • You can connect your headset with the Clear+ app and customize your preferred setting for your earbud’s music.
  • It has invisible touch control for pause/play, forward/backward, and Receiving/ending calls.


Protective carrying zipper case for extra care

Touch control

Customizable setting by using mobile cleer+ app

16.2mm drivers


Bluetooth 5.0 is good, but not to satisfy the headset's price.

7 hours of playtime is not enough if compared with the price.

Low noise cancellation

Up your cycling performance with the Cleer Audio ARC Open-Ear True Wireless Headphones. With touch controls and amazing long-lasting battery life, these headphones are designed to make you feel like a pro, no matter how long you have been riding. 

Clear ARC is the perfect partner for training, bike rides, and long journeys. The headphones are sweatproof and offer a powerful sound for both music and podcasts. 

Clear Audio ARC is a true wireless earbud for cycling; that combines the best of the two worlds: an open-ear design and portable fitness tracking. The headphones are easy to set up, so you can seamlessly transition between music and your run with our intuitive touch controls.

CioDat Q10 (Image credit: Amazon)

CioDat Q10

Top quality excellent over ear earbud


  • Open-ear design with stereo sound and clear voice for calling.
  • 30 hours of playback time with a charging case
  • 10 hours of playback time with 70% volume
  • 300mAH charging case
  • Single earbuds weigh only 7.9g, comfortable to wear for a long period of time
  • Automatic pairing
  • Touch control
  • Soft pad for skin care
  • LED light on earbuds
  • LED display on charging case


10 hours playtime

Touch control

Soft earpads

Stay hygienic


Very low noise cancellation, but good for your safety from any misadventure by keeping you aware of surrounding

CioDat Q10 is a smart earbud with the latest advanced features that are designed to be used with your phone. CioDat Q10 is the most convenient and innovative earbuds you will find anywhere, with a built-in mic and waterproof design. It has 30 hours of playtime, an LED power display, and a charging case.

GANUO GEarbuds (Image credit: Amazon)

GANUO GEarbuds

innovative design, awosome quality earbud


  • Bluetooth 5.2 perfect, stable, uninterrupted HiFi audio delivery feature makes it one of the great headset.
  • It just clips on the ear. It feels like not feeling, just like not wearing with innovative ergonomic design.
  • Open ear design makes it safe for you to run and drive cycle.
  • Wireless connectivity.


Clip's ergonomic design fit seems fearful of being lost, but the company assures that they won't.

Each tip can connect with two different devices at a time.

5.2 Bluetooth.


They are not waterproof or sweatproof

No noise cancelation

GANUO GEarbuds are innovative and beautifully crafted in a way that never compromises on performance. The headphones' battery can last 32 hours, so you do not need to worry about repeatedly recharging them.

They also have easy-to-use wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which is great for cyclists, runners, or anyone who needs to ensure their devices stay locked together during intense activities.

These wired Bluetooth earbuds offer a range of features that make them suitable for both work-out and travel. They are sweat resistant, lightweight, and come with a case and charging cable. With built-in sensors, the GANUO can monitor your movement and deliver a personalized workout to keep you motivated.


If you’re looking for the perfect headphones to use when cycling or running, look no further than our selection of headphones.

From earbuds that let you stay connected to your music while on the go to over-ear headphones that provide great sound quality and insulation, we have covered various pairs of headphones that will suit your needs.

Plus, all our headphones are available at reasonable prices on amazon, so you can shop confidently, knowing you’re getting the best value possible.