Having earbuds constantly in your ears can be tiring, so it’s natural to remove them when you have a break in the conversation.

But they can easily fall out if you don’t always have a good grip on your earbuds. You often raise the question of why do my earbuds keep falling out, What Makes Your Earbuds Fall Out? or why does my earbud keep falling out.

Here are some common reasons for earbuds falling out:

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Ear shapes

1. Ear Shape:

Another factor that can affect how well earbuds stay in your ears is the shape of your ear canal. Everyone’s ear canal is slightly different, and some people have ear canals that are more or less tapered than others.

If your ear canals are more tapered, you may find that earbuds are more likely to fall out. In this case, you may need to experiment with different types of earbuds that are designed to fit a wider variety of ear shapes.

Also if you have ear piercing i.e Conch and Tragus the earbuds will surely fall out, in that case you need to buy a good pair of earbuds or headphone.

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2. Constant Head Movement:

Constantly movement of your head can cause your earbuds to fall out.

This is because; Earbuds can’t bear the force applied to them when you move your head, especially during different activities.

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Wearing rong earbuds

3. The Wrong Earbuds' (Design and Size):

The wrong earbuds' design and size make them difficult to keep in your ear. You can design your own earbud.The bud will slip out of your ear if it is too big or small.

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4. Sweating:

When you’re sweating, the sweat makes the earbuds wet. This makes them slip to your ear canal and eventually fall out.

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5. Excessive Ear Wax Inside the Ear Canal:

One of the most common causes of earbuds falling out is excessive ear wax inside the ear canal. Wax can make it difficult for your earbuds to stay in your ears, leading to them falling out.  So you have to remove earwax

6. Too-Close Earbuds to the Jaw:

Avoid putting your earbuds too close to your jaw. If they’re too close, The edges of the earbuds will touch your skin and create friction between the buds and your skin. This will cause the earbuds to fall out more quickly.

7. Syndrome of Ear Cartilage Deficiency:

If you’re annoyed that your earbuds always fall out, you may have a syndrome of ear cartilage deficiency. The condition is caused by a lack of cartilage in the ear, making it challenging to keep earbuds in the ears.

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8. A Rigorous Workout Makes:

Working out rigorously can cause your earbuds to fall out, especially if you’re not using a Sports Headset.Since a rigorous workout can cause the ear canal to become hot, the earbud tips will lose grip.

Try using a sports headset with an adjustable fit to keep your earbuds in place during a rigorous workout. This way, you can customize the fit so that the earbuds stay securely in your ears.

Improper fit of earbuds

9. Bad fitting Technique:

To avoid this problem of earbuds falling out because of your proper technique, follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure your earbuds fit snugly. Over-tightening the buds can cause them to fall out of your ears.
  • Use another tip to make sure that your earbuds snugly fit in your ears. Over time, earbuds can loosen and fall out if not fitted properly.
  • Try using an Earbud size guide before you buy your earbuds to ensure a snug fit. Some earbud manufacturers also offer a warranty if your earbuds do not fit well after purchase.

10. Tension to the Wire of Wired Earbuds:

Did you know that constantly tugging on the wire connecting your earbuds can cause them to fall out? One of the most common causes of earbuds falling out is when someone bends over or stands up quickly.

When earbuds are in your ears, the cord pulls on them and can cause them to fall out. That’s because the wire – usually made of thin metal – can become taut when pulled too tightly. 

This tension can eventually cause the wire to break, allowing your earbuds to fall out. To prevent this from happening, make sure not to pull on the wire too hard.

11. Earbud Fit:

One of the most common reasons why earbuds fall out is due to improper fit. If your earbuds are too loose or too tight, they won’t stay in your ears properly.

To ensure a good fit, it’s important to choose the right size ear tips for your earbuds. Many earbuds come with multiple sizes of ear tips, so experiment with different sizes until you find the ones that fit your ears comfortably and securely.


There are many reasons why earbuds may keep falling out, from improper fit to movement to wax buildup. The good news is that there are solutions to these problems, including choosing the right size ear tips, experimenting with different types of earbuds, and cleaning your ears.

With a little trial and error, you can find the right earbuds and fit for your needs and enjoy your music or other audio content without worrying about them falling out.

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