Experiencing problems with your 1more earbuds one not working can be quite frustrating. Don’t worry; we’ve put together a detailed troubleshooting guide to assist you in getting your earbuds back up and running.

Follow these methods carefully to identify and resolve the issue of your 1more earbud problems. Lets see some important things that necessary to mention before diving deep into 1more one earbud not working.

First and Foremost:

Initial Problem: If you recently bought 1more earbuds and still have the option to return them, consider getting a refund and purchasing a new pair without delaying. If the refund date has been passed and if your earbuds are still under warranty, get in touch with 1MORE customer support to start the warranty claim process. Refer to the warranty card or documentation to find information about the warranty period and coverage terms.

Longevity: If you’ve been using your 1 more earbud for 1 years (Life of 1more chaeper earbuds) or 2 years (life of 1 more premium earbuds), or they’ve seen a lot of use, it might be a good idea to think about getting a new pair. Its time to buy new headsets you can see our suggestions, Click here to see our list of best headphones.

If you’ve been using your 1more earbuds for less than the suggested time frame, you can check out the solutions we have listed below for possible fixes.

Quick Attempts:

1. Reset the Earbuds:

For your specific 1MORE earbuds model, look into the user manual to find out how to perform a reset. To reset your 1MORE True Wireless ANC earbuds:

  1. Hold the play button for 3 seconds until you see red and blue lights, indicating “discoverable” mode.
  2. If one earbud acts as the “master” and the other as the “slave,” follow the manufacturer’s reset instructions.
  3. For models like EHD9001TA, check simple how-to videos for easy-to-follow reset steps.

Follow the manual’s instructions for a soft reset to fix minor glitches or software issues. Consider a hard reset only if other methods don’t work, as it will reset the earbuds to their factory settings.

2. Check for Firmware Updates:

Connect your earbuds to the 1MORE Music app to see if there are any firmware updates available. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install any firmware updates using the recommended procedure.

  1. Connect the earbuds to your phone using Bluetooth.
  2. Open the 1MORE app on your phone.
  3. Scroll down to locate the OTA firmware upgrade option and click to initiate the update.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions step by step to finish the firmware update.

1MORE One Earbud Not Working (Sound, Pairing & Charging)

To fix 1MORE one side not working; No Sound, Not Pairing and not charging read the following:

1. Sound Issues:

If 1more earbuds low volume then make sure the earbuds are clean, earwax or debris accumulation on the earbuds can lead to poor sound quality or connectivity issues. Remove the tips and use hydrogen peroxide to clean the earbuds, especially the mesh.

Otherwise carefully use of needle or cotton buds to clean the earbud mesh, also clean the other holes on your specific model of 1more earbud because other holes in some models act as sensors, if they are not clean then there will be an issue of low volume and some times frequent pausing.

If this has not fixed your 1more left side earbud not working (Same for the right) then adjust the audio balance settings on your conneted device. Click here to read fixes for audio balance issue.

If your 1 more earbud not sounding at all then here what you need to do, ensure that your device’s sound settings are set to stereo instead of mono, as mono settings may cause one earbud not to deliver audio and thus won’t work.

2. Not Pairing:

Your 1more earbuds not pairing then heres how to fix them, If the earbuds are connected to multiple devices, it may cause connection problems. Forget or unpair the earbuds from all devices and reconnect them to your primary device. For Bluetooth earbuds, restart both your device and the earbuds by long-pressing the earbuds' power button until they flash, indicating readiness to pair.

If you are facing problem that the 1more earbuds not pairing together then you should again see the mono and stereo setting you should disable mono setting. To turn off the mono setting by using 1more app. If that won’t work then go for getting technical help from any technician or contact 1more.

Also ensure both earbuds are fully charged, as a lack of power in one earbud could be the cause of the issue. if the 1more one earbud not charging you can try following fixes.

3. Won’t Charge:

If your 1more earbuds not charging then make sure the charging cable and the spot where you plug it in (the port) are doing their jobs well in case if 1 more charging case not charging. Try a different cable or a different spot to charge your earbuds. Also, check that the cable is correctly plugged into both the earbuds and the charging spot

Connect the charging case to a power source and observe the LED indicators. Any illuminated LED indicates that the case has power. If 1more one earbud is not charging then you should try cleaning process. If your earbuds still aren’t charging, clean up the charging case. Get rid of any dirt or gunk that might be blocking the charging pins. For this, use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

Don’t use just any charger! Using the wrong one, especially fast chargers, might harm your earbuds. Stick to the charger that comes with your earbuds, and don’t go for fast chargers. Also, double-check that the charger is properly stuck into a power outlet.

1More Earbuds Won't Charge


In dealing with the frustration of one earbud not working on your 1MORE earbuds, our troubleshooting guide covers various solutions. Whether your earbuds are new or have been used for a while, we offer quick attempts, warranty options, and specific fixes for issues like no sound, pairing, and charging.

Follow the steps carefully, but if problems persist, consider seeking technical help or reaching out to 1MORE support. Remember to use the correct charger and keep your earbuds and charging case clean for optimal performance.

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