If you’re experiencing issues with marshall minor 3 one side not working or charging, it can be frustrating, but there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Below, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to get fixed your marshall headphone problems especially marshall minor 3 one side not charging.

What is Longevity of Marshall Minor 3:

The warranty for Marshall Minor III earbuds is a one-year limited warranty, so they can work fine without any fault for atleast average of 1 year and maximum up to 15 months. if you have used your Marsall earbuds that long it is fine you have fullfilled the the price of money you spent on them now it is time for new earbuds.

You can Choose From Following Lists:

Marshall Minor 3 One Side Not Charging:

There may be the problem with the charging case of the Marshall minor 3 but only when both the earbuds stopped charging, but if only one earbud stopped charging there is surely a problem with that earbud side.

So if marshall minor 3 left side not charging or marshall minor 3 right side not charging you can try following fixes:

Clean the Charging Contacts:

  • Over time, dirt, dust, or debris can accumulate on the charging contacts of both the earbuds and the charging case.
  • Gently clean the charging contacts on both the earbuds and the case using a soft, dry cloth. Ensure they are free from any obstructions that might prevent proper charging.

Hard Reset the Earbuds:

  • If cleaning the contacts and changing the cable doesn’t work, you can attempt a hard reset of the Marshall Minor 3.
  • To perform a hard reset, place the earbuds in their charging case, leaving the lid open.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button on the charging case for at least 10 seconds until you see the LED indicators on both earbuds flash red and white. This indicates that the reset process is complete.
  • After the reset, try charging the earbuds again and check if the issue is resolved.

Contact Marshall Repair Service:

If you require repairs for your Marshall Minor 3 earbuds, you can reach Marshall Support where they provide a paid repair service facilitated by authorized service partners who utilize authentic Marshall components. For additional details, you can get in touch with Marshall Support via their website.

Other Marshall Minor 3 Problems:

Here are some potential remedies for the

Connection Issues:

  • Restart your phone’s Bluetooth and attempt to reconnect.
  • Perform a hard reset on the earbuds.
  • If problems persist, reach out to Marshall support for additional guidance.

Poor Fit:

  • While there are no specific solutions for this issue, some users have found improved comfort by using aftermarket ear tips.

Poor Audio Quality:

  • Examine and adjust the audio settings on your device to ensure they are configured for the highest quality.
  • If audio quality issues persist, contact Marshall support for their expert guidance.

Hypersensitive Controls:

  • While there are no precise solutions, some users have observed that the controls may become less sensitive over time.

Headphone Controls Not Working:

  • Consult the user manual to ensure you are correctly utilizing the controls.
  • If control issues persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to Marshall support.

Incorrect Charging/Charging Problems:

  • Verify that the charging cable is securely connected.
  • Clean the charging contacts on both the earbuds and the charging case.
  • Attempt a hard reset of the earbuds.
  • If problems persist, contact Marshall support for further assistance.

If none of these suggested solutions resolve your issue, it is recommended to contact Marshall support for comprehensive assistance with troubleshooting and resolving the problem.>


Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions when attempting to troubleshoot or fix issues with your Marshall Minor 3 earbuds.

You can try Cleaning the charging pin, and resetting the Marshall minor 3 and we recommend you to contact Marshall repair service to fix one side not charging.

If the earbuds are no longer under warranty or if the issue is beyond your ability to resolve, seeking professional assistance from Marshall’s customer support is the best course of action to ensure a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

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